My work as a scholar, like my work on the ground, unfolds through deep and intentional collaborations. The most expansive of these incitements has been the work of building the ‘Otherwise Anthropology’ learning laboratory with my dear friend and colleague Megan Raschig, through which we have been uniting scholars and activists of social movements in North America, East Asia, West Africa, the Caribbean, and Western Europe in sustained conversation. Together, we have published a compendium of our ethical tools and methodological challenges as a Cultural Anthropology ‘Theorizing the Contemporary’ series. I am excited to now be bringing this sustained, collaborative approach to bear within religious studies through a new project on religion, race, health and the state, organized in partnership with my dear friend and Florida State University colleague Jamil Drake.

Through public events and programming, I strive to leverage these collaborations and relationships to address critical issues in the campus communities of which I am a part. These are a few of the events and forums I have organized in service to the academy and movements for social change: